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Top Fence Installation Company in SOUTHern NEW JERSEY

Building a fence on your property is a good investment—not only can it add to your home’s aesthetic, but it can also help you have increased safety and privacy. For quality fences, count on Burger Fence. We are the leading fence installation company in Southern New Jersey, offering wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain-link fences.

We establish enduring relationships with each of our clients and ensure they are happy with our products and services. We install fencing in the Southern New Jersey area and have the skills necessary for reliable installation and security options that satisfy your requirements. We are also offering our services in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Call us right now, to begin.

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Importance of Having Fences in Your Property

Depending on your wants and needs, we can help you have a high-quality, well-designed fence. Now, how important are fences? They help:

  • Eliminate Unsightly Views Around the Property
  • Increase Home Safety and Security
  • Improve Privacy in Your Outdoor Area
  • Ensure Protection of Your Kids, Pets, and Belongings
  • Establish Boundaries Within the Neighborhood
  • Add Aesthetics and Value to Your House

Giving Peace of Mind for More Than 70 Years

For over 70 years, we have been the most trusted fence contractor in Southern New Jersey. We are a family-owned company that can help you with all of your fencing needs. At Burger Fence, we pride ourselves on our reputation and the quality of our materials and installation, giving each client a written “peace of mind” warranty with all residential installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What Types of Payments Does Burger Fence Accept?

    A: Burger Fence makes it easy to pay for your fence. All major credit cards, cash, and bank financing are accepted. Burger Fence can arrange long-term bank financing or bank financing at ZERO percent interest for up to one year. That means your fence can be installed on a no-cash basis (except for special order materials).

  • Q: Who Installs a Burger Fence? Does Burger Fence Use Sub-Contractors?

    A: Only Burger Fence employees install Burger Fences. Burger Fence does not ever use sub-contractors. So, if a problem arises as a result of the installation, you work directly with Burger Fence. There is no middleman you have to deal with.

  • Q: Are Burger Fence and Its Installers Insured?

    A: Absolutely, Burger Fence carries a two million-dollar ($2,000,000) general liability, one million-dollar ($1,000,000) commercial vehicle, and a one million-dollar ($1,000,000) workman’s compensation policy.

  • Q: What About Permits and Surveys? Will Burger Fence Help Me?

    A: For sure. In most instances, you will need a zoning permit from your local municipality. Frequently, the municipality will require you to provide a survey and a detailed description of the fence you intend to erect. If your fence is either used to enclose a swimming pool or replace a fence used as a pool barrier, then you will need both a zoning permit and a construction permit. We’re ready to assist you in applying for your permit.

  • Q: Does Burger Fence Cement Posts?

    A: All vinyl, chain-link, and aluminum fence posts are encapsulated in cement. The average depth of the hole is three (3) feet for vinyl and two (2) for chain-link and aluminum. Extra cement is used for gateposts. Cement is not recommended for wood fencing because the cement creates a void, thereby hastening wood rot. However, it is absolutely necessary to use cement for wood gate posts.

  • Q: When Can Burger Fence Install My Fence?

    A: It is vital not to install any type of fence into the soaking wet ground. So, all installation dates are subject to “weather permitting.” Usually, except in the case of special order materials, we can install your fence within 3-4 weeks after contract initiation. Of course, there can be exceptions due to emergencies and the availability of material and personnel.

  • Q: What About Underground Public Utilities and Private Sprinkler Systems?

    A: We won’t install your fence until all public utility lines have been marked out. However, don’t worry; Burger Fence makes the arrangements for the public utility mark out and accepts responsibility for any mishaps regarding public utilities.

    Regarding private utilities such as sprinkler systems, private gas lines, and private electrical, it is the customer’s responsibility to have those lines marked out. We insist the customer accepts responsibility for all private lines.

For more questions and answers, ask Burger Fence or our representative.

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Our Fences

  • Wood Fencing

    Burger Fence has been designing and custom-making the best wood fences in Southern New Jersey since 1953, made on premises to our customer’s specifications. We have many styles, including picket, board on board, solid wood, post and rail, and more. Our wood gates are custom-made, making them the perfect fit to finish your new fence.

  • Aluminum Fencing

    Burger Fence is the sole distributor for Alumi-Guard. They make the only aluminum fence that meets the high standards Burger Fence requires for its customers and offer a guarantee against chipping, cracking, and peeling. We also offer a variety of other options for aluminum fencing which can be customized to your specifications.

  • Vinyl Fencing

    Burger Fence fabricates and installs a wide variety of vinyl fences, which are guaranteed against chipping, cracking, peeling, and premature discoloration and fading. They are available in different colors and styles. We also feature Certainteed’s CertaGrain and other high-performance vinyl products.

  • Repairs and Replacement

    When your fence starts to wear down, we can help. Our company also offers fencing repair and replacement to maintain the appearance and condition of your property’s outdoor area.

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